Visa Application Requirements
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All Foreigners travelling to Uganda should obtain a visa from the Embassy before travelling. Only Nationals from the following countries are exempted from the visa requirement:

ANGOLA          ANTIGUA        BARBADOS      BELIZE         COMOROS       CYPRUS            ERITREA             FIJI 
GAMBI             GRENADA       ITALY               JAMAICA       KENYA             LESOTHO          MADAGASCAR
MALAWI           MALTA            MAURITIUS      RWANDA      SIERRA LEONE                          SINGAPORE 
TANZANIA       TONGA           VANUATU         ZAMBIA         ZIMBABWE

The Visa Section at the Embassy opens to the public on Monday to
Friday, from 10:00a.m. to 12:00pm only (The Embassy is closed on Public Holidays in Uganda and in
Turkey). The period for processing a visa application is two working days.
Applications for visas should be made in person. Passports should also be collected in
person by the applicant or by an agent/person authorized by the applicant.

NB: Applicants are advised to submit their completed applications well in advance of the
proposed date of travel. Visa application forms may be obtained directly from the Embassy
or downloaded from the Embassy’s website (when available).


  • 1. One duly filled application form by each applicant.
  • 2. Two passport size photographs attached to each application form.
  • 3. Passport valid for at least one year from the proposed date of entry.
  • 4. Bank receipt showing proof of correct visa fee payment into the Embassy’s Visa Account (Diplomatic Passport holders are exempted from this).
  • 5. Confirmed hotel reservation and flight details
  • 6. Photocopies of passport (Pages 1, 45 and data page with picture) of the person who is inviting the applicant to be faxed from Uganda – If travelling for a visit.
  • 7. Letter of introduction in English addressed to the Embassy, stating the the reason and the date of travel and where to stay in Uganda.
  • 8. An international inoculation certificate against yellow fever must be presented at the point of entry into Uganda;
  • 9. Applicants may be requested to submit additional supporting documentation. 
For Tourist/Student Visas, the following are required:
  • 1. Applicant’s Bank Statements for the last three months.
  • 2. Sponsor’s Bank Statements (if any) for the last three months.
  • 3. Evidence of travel arrangements (booking details).
  • 4. Leave Approval Letter from your Turkish employer/educational institution.
  • 5. Please note that in addition to these requirements, you may be asked to give additional information by way of interview.
For Business Visas, the following are required: 
  • Copy of previous Ugandan visas obtained
  • Letter of invitation/introduction written on the official paper of the company that invites
  • Applicant’s Bank Statements for the last three months.
  • Sponsor’s Bank Statements (if any) for the last three months.
  • Signatory circular of the company
  • Copy of company's tax board